Cherish the Spirit, Create the Vision, Follow the Faith, and Serve in Humility

– Han-Gil Park, CEO

Atomy, or Atom美, is a Korean company that distributes the supplement “HemoHIM Plus” and its own brand of premium cosmetics and personal care products made from 100% natural herbal ingredients. The Chinese character “美” (pronounced “mi”) stands for beauty. Mr. Han-Gill Park founded Atomy Co., Ltd. in 2004 and is also the CEO of Atomy America Inc. Atomy aims to deliver top quality product at the lowest prices, with patents all over the world. Atomy is a global network with established subsidiaries in Korea, Japan, Canada, the US, Taiwan, Singapore, and Cambodia. Get more corporate information on the company here.

About this site

This wesiteis not commercially affiliated with Atomy Co., Ltd. This site exists in order to

(a) Provide concise information about Atomy and its products in English.

(b) Direct you through the membership process should you wish to buy Atomy products. Membership is indeed required to buy Atomy products, but is free and does not involve purchase requirements or obligations.

Official International Atomy Inc. website:

Click on your country and language from drop-down menu on the official Atomy site.
Once you become a member, this is where you will go to login, update your personal information, and make purchases.


Why Become a Member?

Membership is required to buy Atomy products, which are marketed through referral, such as through this website. Membership is completely free and there are no hidden costs involved and no purchase obligations. If you wish to become and maintain status as a distributor or consumer, however, you are required to purchase at least one product a year, however low in price. Think of Atomy as an online shopping mall or wholesale membership club like Costco, except it offers you the chance to earn commissions through referral, should that interest you.

If you have had the chance to try the products, you know there is no question of their quality, effectiveness, and reasonable pricing. Note that membership can be cancelled anytime upon request to the official branch of the country through which you registered.

Benefits of membership:

  • Ability to purchase in bulk at discounted prices.
  • A 100% return policy.
  • An opportunity to make extra income through reselling products or through commission upon free upgrade to business member. (In most countries, no upgrade process is required.)

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