Atomy is a Korean company, world supplier of health care (eg. HemoHIM), skin care, personal care and home care items of absolute quality at resonable low prices. Atomy was founded in 2009 to distribute its herbal products that were produced by Kolmar BNH which is a partnership between the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and Kolmar Korea.

KAERI is a Korea government institution established in 1959, is the first science and technology research institute in Korea to be mandated to achieve energy self-reliance through nuclear technology. KAERI research team has more than 1300 PHD researchers and 4000 team members, which is actually equivalent of the US NASA, is able to make astronaut foods like only USA and Russia. As speaking to its research and technology in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals & radiation, KAERI has developed amazingly high quality of supplements and natural skin care products for Kolmar BNH. Proudly to say, Korean government has provided funds of 250 billion Korean Won for KAERI research, especially in the functional supplements provided by ATOMY, and KAERI’s work has been recognized by the international community

Kolmar Korea is a public listed company in Korea, was founded in 1990, the earlier company to manufacture cosmetics in Korea. However, the first Kolmar is founded in 1921 in USA, and it is one of the earliest companies to develop research in nanotechnology in the world. Over the past 90 years until today, Kolmar Groups presently has 8 branches station in different countries, to manufacture beauty and health products. Whereby, Kolmar Korea is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and ODM (original design manufacturer) company manufactures cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for well-known cosmetic companies such as Shiseido, Chanel, Lancome, Laneige, DeBon, O-Hui, Clinique, Ponds and etc. In other words, any base ingredients for cosmetics that you have been using till now were probably supplied by Kolmar. It is also currently ranked number 1 in the field of functional cosmetics in Korea and has accomplished CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliance.

Atomy’s product has patents all over the world and global distribution presence with subsidiaries in Korea, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. The company is soon expected expanding into other countries such as Cambodia (Jan 2016), Malaysia (March 2016) Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, Australia and more. Once you’re a member of Atomy you can sign up anyone in any of the listed countries to own a global business of Atomy.


CEO Han-gill Park founded Atomy Co., Ltd in 2009 and operate the company using network marketing aka direct selling system for product distribution in order to deliver absolute quality products at the absolute lowest price. Atomy has patents all over the world for its unique products and has global presence with subsidiaries in Korea, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Cambodia. The company is expected to soon expand into other countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, Australia and more.

Atomy’s products come from the collaboration of two companies: The Kolmar Korea and Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI). which forms Kolmar BNH and continue to be a pioneer in using bio-technology (raw natural material) and creating products from the technology developed by KAERI and Kolmar Korea.


Atomy has an expanding range of high quality products in Supplement, Skin Care, Household and Personal products, made of ultra-purified, natural and organic herbal ingredients. All of the products are sold at absolute affordable price through direct sales marketing. The most popular products of atomy are supplement (HemoHIM) and Skin care 6 system.

HemoHIM was early researched & developed for scientists or researchers who explore to radiation during working in Korea research center. As their body became weaker day-by-day and even suffering from cancer as long term exploring to radiation. Therefore, KAERI (Korea Government Institution) had spent around 5million US Dollar & 8 years to develop the HemoHIM in order to increase their immune system to keep them healthy.

Now this powerful product is selling under Atomy and it contributes around 30% of sales among other Atomy products.

There is no cost and risk to join Atomy and start your business now. As Atomy does not require any membership fee to join and importantly its products are at the highest quality with affordable prices. So, how to maintain as member without paying any cent? In order to maintain your membership, you just need to purchase a product from Atomy and then your membership will automatically be prolonged to another one year (365 days) from the day of your new purchase.

Atomy started in South Korea and is now in USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Cambodia. New markets are opening up yearly. Once you’re a member of Atomy you can sign up anyone in any of the opened countries under your Atomy member number. So the growth potential is amazing! Contact us to join as a member, must be 18 or older to join, and holding related country identity card.

Are you an Atomy consumer or distributor? Consumer wealth start from buying SMART & CHEAP in Atomy, and then share them out!

Atomy’s competitors are not other multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, instead they are supermarket or hypermarket. This is because Atomy possesses the concept of Masstige that providing higher quality products than what you find in the market or other companies at absolute low price. Moreover, Atomy provides a fair purchase platform that no promotion, free gift and discount for any products. Some of products you buy more in quantity (max 4 sets), the cheaper price you pay.」

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