Clinical trials insist on using 2 weeks to say good bye to wrinkles 👋🏻

No matter what wrinkles
Eye bags, fine lines on the eyes, decree lines, laugh lines, and raised lines can all be treated!
☑ safely transport nutrients into the skin
☑ Immediate effect, lasting wrinkle effect
☑The only KFDA-certified wrinkle film in Korea
☑ did not add any preservatives

❤Active ingredient ❤
✨Hyaluronic acid~ alleviating dry skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and speeding up wound healing
✨Snap 8 Eight peptides ~ firm, highly effective anti-wrinkle
✨Vitamin C~Antioxidant, help tissue repair
✨Natural Soybean Fermented Extract – Natural Humectant

Atomy Acropass has revolutionized the cosmetics industry by demonstrating a superior level of industrial science that can’t be found in conventional cosmetics.

Atomy Acropass’ products deliver active compounds deep into the skin using dissolving microstructures that are produced with the company’s patented technology, the DAB (Droplet-born Air Blowing) method, which protects the active compounds from distortion. The microstructure consists of EGF (epidermal growth factor), which is the backbone of hyaluronic acid. Upon application, Ageless Lifter is entirely dissolved and absorbed into the affected skin, with better efficacy than other products, and without any risk of skin damage — producing revolutionary anti-aging effects.

Atomy Acropass is the only KFDA-certified wrinkle film in Korea, made up of microstructure, fabricated with skin regenerative ingredients, that deeply penetrate into the skin. There is no need of dermatological procedures to achieve absolute beauty – it’s painfree and safe!

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