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Atomy, or Atom美 means Atom Beauty. Atomy Inc. was founded in 2009 in South Korea to distribute products that are produced by Kolmar BNH, a joint venture by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and cosmetics company Kolmar Korea. It is also the first research enterprise approved by Korea’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Last year, the global sales of HemoHIM, the #1 medically approved functional health food by the Korean FDA and Skincare 6 System reached 130 and 140 billion KRW respectively. The miraculous sales figure has allowed Atomy to become the second largest player in the industry, after Amway Korea.

Atomy pursues simple philosophy – selling quality products at affordable prices, and allowing its distributors to purchase the right amount at the right time. This clearly exudes Atomy’s confidence in its products. Masstige is Atomy’s product philosophy to provide absolute quality products at absolute prices. The company strives to achieve this by getting rid of distribution bubbles through direct member sales and minimizing the company’s operation expenses.

According to Korea Fair Trade Commission’s data, Atomy’s HemoHIM is the bestselling product in the health supplement industry’s single product category and Skincare 6 System also recorded the highest sales in the cosmetics industry. Similarly, an Atomy toothbrush was sold every second, reaching the total sales volume of 20 million in 2015.

​Atomy’s record-breaking sales history has its roots in CEO Han-gil Park’s firm belief in “Absolute Quality, Absolute Price” philosophy. Atomy has invested heavily into automating most of its operational processes to reduce labour costs and it also pursues a mutual growth with all its subcontractors to ensure it delivers products with absolute quality and price to its customers.

Below is what Han-gil Park, CEO&Founder of Atomy states.

The Basic theory of economy is very simple.
The Distribution industry is the key.
Selling a good quality product at a low price is how it successfully works.

Atomy’s MASSTIGE strategy is to provide an absolute quality product at an absolutely low price. Not only do our products make customers happy, they also provide a business opportunity for those who have no capital asset. 

Atomy’s masstige products are welcomed in the global market.
Our export has been growing on average of 50% per year with global corporations in the U.S., Canada, Japan and Taiwan.
In March 2015, the Singapore office opened and Atomy Malaysia will be opened in October.
We are also in the process of preparing establishment corporations in both South America and China.
In addition, many more countries are waiting for us including India, Russia and Europe.

Our goal is not just becoming No.1 in Korea since the establishment of Atomy, our competitors have never been a company in same network marketing field.
Rather, we raised our bar to general retailers- supermarkets, department stores, TV home shopping and internet shopping malls.

From now on, Atomy will rewrite the history of Network Marketing. We will be a company who knows and keeps principle to be your guideline as a leading network marketing company.
We will do our best to change both the recognition and reputation of the network marketing field. Atomy follows
1. A Principle Centered Culture
2. A Culture of Accompanied Growth
3. A Sharing Culture.

Atomy aims for customer success which is beyond customer satisfaction. We are a corporation that cherishes the spirit! We hope Atomy will become the life partner that leads to your personal success.
We want to serve you with a humble attitude making your dreams come true.

– Han-gill Park, CEO & Founder of Atomy –

[A PRESS RELEASE] Atomy Achieves Annual Revenue Growth of 30-40% from the DONG-A ILBO (Korean National Newspaper), May 2, 2016
[A PRESS RELEASE] “The World is Our Stage Now”, Taking on Global Markets with Absolute Quality, Absolute Price from the DONG-A ILBO (Korean National Newspaper), July 22, 2016

About KAERI(Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute) – Research and Development
https://www.keri.re.kr/html/en/   (KAERI website)

  1. KAERI develops nuclear fusion and radiation fusion technology.
  2. Korea’s first comprehensive science and technology research institute for the purpose of improving the quality of life for the general public.
  3. Over the past 50 years, KAERI has become the driving force behind Korea’s national economic growth and continues to promote strong economic growth by using nuclear energy as a major energy source.
  4. KAERI uses High energy laser technology which utilizes stable radio isotones for both medical use and the creation of special foods.
  5. KAERI is Dedicated to finding a wide range of uses for atomic energy
  6. KAERI is strengthening Korea’s industrial competitiveness through the transfer of advanced science and technology especially the Food Life Engineering Research Team that developed HemoHim, the #1 medically approved functional health food by the Korean FDA.
  7. KAERI’s breakthrough research is being patented all over the world.
  8. KAERI Consults with the US nuclear industry to help them. KAERI is on the forefront in the world, the forefront of all kind of technology development, and has a great reputation throughout the world and IAEE.  KAERI wants to give back their know-how, and share their developments to the world. They know about the human body;they know how to protect their scientists from radiation and cancer
  9. In the world, 3 countries(Korea, US, Russia) are responsible for the international space food program. KAERI is the one that makes space food in Korea. Their knowledge and research are advancing and they are rapidly known for their research and development.

About Kolmar Korea – specializes in R&D & OEM Manufacturing. Kolmar is headquartered in  the USA and 8 other global locations.

  1. They are equipped with 100 years of research and development. They hold 20% of the market share for cosmetics, medicine, manufacturing and packaging. They have their roots in the World Wild Kolmar group based on Kolmar Americas Inc. which was established in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1921.
  2. To break it down, 65% of their activity serves the cosmetic sector, 30% pharmacy and 5% for dietary supplements.
  3. Over 20% of their total employees are Researchers!
  4. Cosmetic and pharmaceutical products are their specialty.
  5. Kolmar BNH(STB) was founded to produce goods which the Food Life Engineering Research team of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute(KAERI) researched and developed.

Atomy is changing the lives of people, not only for their skin and health, but also for their saving as well as for their real income.

People fall in love with Atomy because of
1. their absolutely high quality and absolutely low price products.
Here is a practical example using the Atomy 17 oz Body Wash. This product is made with fresh organic herbs using nano technology, it penetrates down many skin levels and retails for $20. As a member you pay only $9.

2. the freedom to order, the freedom to save money and even the freedom to make money with no hidden costs involved.
With Atomy, there is no membership fee, no start-kit, no annual fee, no auto-shipping, no auto-ordering. no monthly-purchase needed.

3. the wonderful opportunity.
With Atomy, All Members have the opportunity (and option) to receive commission, cash bonuses, and other rewards. Our company generously shares the majority of its profits (70%) with members. Rest easy – there are no investments, no fees, no inventory and no selling required! Simply care, share and love your neighbors! All connected Members benefit from both their individual purchases AND from each other’s purchases. Earn income for consuming products you use everyday!

One more amazing Atomy fact…

Atomy started in South Korea and is now in TaiwanJapanCanada, USA, SingaporeCambodiaPhilippineMalaysiaMexico and Thailand .  New markets are opening up yearly. Once you’re a member of Atomy you can sign up anyone within any of the opened countries under your member ID. So the growth potential of your business is amazing!

If you would like to join Atomy, simply click Join Us below.
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