How to order Atomy products and get the best price?

Here are the absolute reasons why you should buy Atomy products only directly on Atomy official website.

You can be assured that the price you are paying for is the lowest. If you have seen some online sell Atomy products, they just buy the products from Atomy official website and re-sell them after adding price.

Also you can accumulate PV(point value) for the product you buy, which can be used for earning commission. This PV will never go away for the life time of your membership.

You can be assured that products are not expired or expiring soon, also are genuine Atomy products.

You can have 100% money back guaranteed.

Here are the steps to order directly from Atomy official website.
Atomy Canada
Atomy USA (Español)
Atomy Japan
Atomy USA (English)
Atomy Taiwan
Atomy Philippines
Atomy Malaysia
Atomy Singapore
Atomy Australia
Atomy Indonesia
Atomy Russia

1. Please have your Atomy membership ID ready. Membership is required to buy Atomy products. If you don’t have a membership, just click Join Atomy. Membership is free, there are no registration or annual membership fees, no auto-ordering and no auto-ship. Atomy has a 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy.

2. Once you have your Atomy membership ID, go to the Atomy official site for your country that is stated above: CanadaJapanKoreaSingaporeTaiwanUSACambodiaPhilippineMalaysiaMexico. and Thailand. Click on Login. Enter your ID and Password.

3. Now you are logged in. That is the site you place order and check your commissions and so on. To place an order, go to Shopping Mall on the top menu.

4. On the top, you will see the product categories like HemoHim, Beauty, Personal, Food, Home, Health, ETC . Click on the product you want to see.

For example, if you click on HemoHim, there is 4 set, 3 set, 2 set and 1 set prices. The 4 set means HemoHim 4 boxes and the price is the total of those 4 boxes which is a highly discounted price for each one.

5. Once your shopping is complete and all products are added to the cart, simply click Shopping Cart or Buy All Now.

6. Fill out order form. Here you can check your products and the quantity ordered and edit as necessary. Please check Customer Information,which is yours and Shipping Information which is the place you choose to send the products. You can choose to send the products to a different address by entering different address in Shipping Information. This is a very convenient way to send Atomy products as gifts. Now complete the form and press Continue

7. Complete the payment information, press Check out Now. You will get free shipping within the country on orders over $180 for Canada, and $150 for US. The orders will come one of Atomy Distribution centers in your country.

8. Enjoy! You will love the products!













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